Don’t just take our word for it. In this year’s patient satisfaction survey:

• 96% of our patients reported that they had a very good understanding of their problem, how they could help themselves and how physiotherapy could help them.

• 99% of our patients said they were either Very Likely or would definitely recommend a friend or family member to our practice.

• 100% rated our overall service to be either Very Good or Excellent.

ST - Airline Pilot
“An outstanding service from the Physio Academy that I've been happy to recommend to colleagues. Lauren took the time to comprehensively explain the root cause of a lower-back condition that I'd suffered for some time, before designing a structured course of therapy which worked perfectly. Professional, knowledgable and friendly.”

RD, Gym fanatic
“Yet again you are spot on with your diagnosis. For the record, without a doubt you are the best physio ever. Three doctors couldn’t detect what you detected in two minutes ....... Amazing”

“I was very impressed with the treatment received and service provided at The Physiotherapy Academy. The diagnosis of my sports injury was very thorough and the treatment and advice given allowed me to return to running after a period of rehabilitation. Although I had to pull out of the 2013 London Marathon, with the help and support of the clinic and a thorough training programme I managed to complete the 2014 Virgin London Marathon and achieve a lifetime ambition.”

RP, Competitive Swimmer
“I had been to see two different clinics before seeing you and neither had managed to resolve the issue. Within one session, I was back into the pool, with little need for further attention. You are an incredibly skilled and highly knowledgeable physiotherapist, I would recommend you to anyone, for any problem.”

PM, Tennis Player
"Fabulous service again from the team at Physio Academy. Their level of professionalism, thoroughness of their assessment, treatment and rehabilitation is top notch and I never have any hesitation in recommending them."

TS, Managing Director
“A big thank you for getting my shoulder working again. Your dedication and professionalism are really impressive.”

CS, Professional Basketball Player
“Over the past 4 years of my basketball career, the staff at The Physiotherapy Academy have treated me for a number of different injuries. Their knowledge and professionalism is second to none. They are the main reason I am still able to play after a serious injury.”

PC, KravMaga Enthusiast
"After being offered the choice of surgery or extended physio for my frozen right shoulder, I chose the latter. Several people at my sports club recommended The Physio Academy. They really know their stuff. After only weeks, rather than months, my shoulder was working again. I recommend them to anyone who needs a physio."

To arrange an appointment or speak to a physiotherapist, call or email on:

Southend on Sea: 01702 521 042 or info@physioacademy.co.uk
Chelmsford: 01245 254 069 or chelmsford@physioacademy.co.uk

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