Neck Pain

What is it?

Neck pain affects many people and the causes of neck pain are varied. These can include disc injuries, injury to the small joints of the neck called “facet joints” as well as ligament and muscular problems. Often neck pain will result in painful and often restricted movement making normal life and activities such as driving difficult.

What we do?

The many causes of injury to the neck require a careful assessment and detailed history of your neck pain. This will include special questions about your pain, a review of your movement and other tests that examine the bones, muscles and nerves of your neck. This will allow your physiotherapist to make a diagnosis and to start to treat you.

Your treatment may include:

  • Massage
  • Joint mobilisation
  • Acupuncture
  • Taping and strapping
  • Postural correction
  • Exercise
  • Electrotherapy

We may also look at the way you sit at your computer and how your office is arranged. Importantly our physiotherapists use evidence to support the treatments that we use which means we don’t waste time using treatments that have been found to be ineffective.

What are the benefits?

Your physiotherapist will aim to decrease your pain levels and improve your movements to allow you to get back to normal life. We aim to return you to normality in the shortest time possible by providing expert treatment and active rehabilitation.

How can we help?

With good treatment most neck pain resolves quickly. Typically most people will be back to normal in four to six weeks. Rarely neck pain is more resistant to physiotherapy but we have excellent contacts with specialists in the local area so can get you seen quickly if necessary. Further investigation such as MRI or CT injections may then be arranged. This will provide additional information as to the reasons your neck pain has not resolved.

What should you do?

With neck pain it is very important to seek early treatment to prevent the condition becoming a long-term chronic condition. A GP can often help with pain medication but the other treatments discussed can play an important role. So if you have hurt your neck and are struggling with pain and movement call today to book in with one of our physiotherapists.  If you are unsure call anyway and discuss your problem with one of our team.

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