In the human body, most of the bigger joints are surrounded by bursa, which are essential sacs of fluid acting as cushions between the complex network of bones, ligaments and tendons. The joints that are most commonly affected are the shoulder, elbow and knee. The bursa is normally inflamed after a direct traumatic injury (i.e. Goalkeeper landing directly on tip of elbow on hard surface) or after repetitive activity with altered mechanics (i.e. shoulder impingement). In acute cases, large swelling accompanies the pain felt, however it will normally resolve despite the temptation to drain the fluid, as this may lead to infection.

What you can do: 

The use of ice, avoidance of compressing/impact on the area and anti-inflammatory medication are helpful in the management of this problem.

How we can help: 

Physiotherapy treatment normally consists of electrotherapy, taping techniques and corrective exercise.  Physiotherapy is very successful if it is a long standing problem as commonly seen in the shoulder.

Benefits of treatment include:
-Decreased pain
-Decreased swelling
-Better function

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