Hydrotherapy is a physiotherapy treatment modality that uses water to aid pain relief and mobility for a variety of conditions including arthritis, post-operative and rheumatic complaints. It is different to normal swimming as you perform a variety of specific exercises in a warm-water pool (temperature 34-36 degrees). Treatment is usually carried out by a physiotherapist with specific training in hydrotherapy. This specific training enables the physiotherapist to utilise the properties of water to aid pain relief, movement, balance, co-ordination and strength gains whilst acknowledging your specific condition and the limitations this may bring.

The specific properties of the water that may aid your recovery include:

  • Relaxation of muscles due to the warmth of the water
  • Pain is eased by the warmth of the water
  • The buoyancy of water supports your body weight, increasing the loading through the body and helping joint movements.
  • Water can be used to provide resistance to movements to help improve strength and movement.

Hydrotherapy can be useful if many of your joints are affected. It is a useful treatment modality that can target many joints in one treatment session. It is commonly used after joint replacement surgery, for paediatric conditions or for back pain, AS and other forms of arthritis.

Please note: There is no Hydrotherapy facility at the Chelmsford Clinic.

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