What is physiotherapy?
Physiotherapy is a government recognised health profession. We assess and treat a whole range of injuries using a variety of techniques. To put it simply you tell us about your injury, we then assess your injury, make a diagnosis and if appropriate begin treating you.

Are you certified and professionally registered?
Yes, all of our physiotherapists are members of The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. In addition they are all registered with the Health and Care Professions Council.

I have private medical insurance, are you registered with these companies?
Yes we are registered with all insurance companies including Bupa, AXA and Norwich Union.

Do I need to see my GP before coming?
In a lot of cases the answer is no. A few insurance companies still require a GP letter so it's worth checking with them first if you are going to use private medical insurance.

I have an injury but I am not sure if physiotherapy is the right thing for me?
If you have an injury there is a good chance we can help. However, if after your first session we feel you need something other than physiotherapy we will tell you there and then. We also have contacts with leading specialists so can usually get you seen quickly.

I am sportsman/woman, are you used to dealing with sports injuries?
Absolutely, all of our physiotherapists have experience in treating sports men and women and have all worked in elite sports including football, basketball, cricket, martial arts, athletics and rugby. Check out our physiotherapists profiles for more info.

I would like to come to your practice but I don’t have a sports injury, can I still come?
Of course, we estimate there is an equal split between clients that have a sports related injury and attend our clinics and those whose injury occurred doing another activity such as digging the garden. That doesn’t mean you won't get exercise as part of your treatment though!!!

I am self funding how do I pay?
We take payment by cash, cheque and card at each visit.

I would like to come to your Southend clinic but I am not a member of David Lloyd, can I still come?
Yes, non-members are very welcome. Around 50% of our Southend clients are not members of David Lloyd.

How long does a treatment session last?
We offer ½ hour and hour initial assessments. Follow up sessions are usually ½ hour.

What treatments do you use?
We use a variety of treatments including massage, joint mobility work, acupuncture, ergonomics, ultrasound, strappings and taping (including kinesiology tape) and rehabilitation.

Will treatment be painful?
We don’t subscribe to the “no pain no gain” theory. However, in some circumstances a certain amount of discomfort during and sometimes after treatment should be expected. We will discuss this with you at the time but if you have any questions of concerns please call us to discuss.

What should I wear?
It depends on the area you have injured. If it’s a leg injury, then ideally some shorts. If it's low back or shoulder some kind of vest or strappy top will allow us to assess your injury. The most important thing is that you need to feel comfortable.

When can I make an appointment?
You can telephone or email for an appointment. We aim to offer all patients an appointment within 48 hours but we try to see all new patients within 24 hours.

I've recently had an operation, do you provide post operative physio?
Yes, around a third or our clients are post operative. We regularly see ACL reconstructions, knee arthroscopies, knee and hip replacements and shoulder surgery.

To arrange an appointment or speak to a physiotherapist, call or email on:

Southend on Sea: 01702 521 042 or info@physioacademy.co.uk
Chelmsford: 01245 254 069 or chelmsford@physioacademy.co.uk

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