Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a high-speed, high skill sport played throughout the UK, mainland Europe and North America. Unfortunately injury is common in ice hockey. The most common injuries are shoulder dislocations and collar bone (clavicle) injuries.

Shoulder dislocation (link) refers to the upper arm bone (humerus) moving outside its socket (glenoid). Around 90-95% of dislocations are where the humerus moves forward called an anterior dislocation, most of the remaining dislocations are where the humerus moves backwards out of the socket called a posterior dislocation. In all cases this is a serious injury and you would need to get this checked at hospital. Even if the shoulder does relocate spontaneously there is a high risk of associated injuries such as broken (fractured) bones.

Because of its position and role in supporting the arm on the body, the collarbone or clavicle is often injured in ice hockey. In some cases the collarbone can break (fracture) this will need to be confirmed on X-Ray. The results of the X-ray will determine if surgery is required. Whatever the outcome, surgery or no surgery, physiotherapy is recommended to return the shoulder to full function.

Often one of the joints associated with the collarbone can be damaged when falling onto the side of the arm. This joint is called the acromio-clavicular joint or ACJ for short. ACJ injuries (link) are generally graded from 1 to 5 with 1 being a mild injury and 5 being a more severe injury. The severity of the injury will determine if surgery is required.  Physiotherapy after ACJ injury is very important to help regain strength, range of movement and function.

Other injuries can include injury the knee, hip and groin, elbow, wrist and back. In all cases its important that a thorough diagnosis is made and the appropriate treatment given. This is where we can help, if you have an injury don’t delay call and book an appointment.

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