Hamstring Injury

This type of injury is the most common type of injury in professional sport. The hamstring muscles normally involved are the Semi-tendinosus, Semi-membranosus & Biceps femoris. The semi-tendinosus and semi-membranosus hamstring muscles are located on the inside of the back of the thigh. The biceps femoris is located on the outside of back of the thigh. Generally there are two different types of hamstring strains/tears – stretching (over stretching with leg) or sprinting type mechanism (injury occurs whilst running). Research suggests that the sprinting type of hamstring injury take longer to rehabilitate.  Pain can be located in the muscle belly (back of thigh) or higher; close to the bottom of the buttocks. Some hamstring tears leave large amounts of bruising that track down the back of the thigh. Depending on the type and location of the strain/tear, return to sporting activity on average may take up to 4-6 weeks. In some cases, the sciatic nerve can also get irritated with this type of injury, which may lead to longer periods of rehabilitation. The biggest risk factors for this injury occurring are; age (older), previous hamstring injury and decreased optimal muscle length.

What you can do:

The use of ice, compression and analgesics is recommended initially. Once initial symptoms have settled specific exercise should be started.

How we can help:

Rehabilitation needs to be started to assist with full recovery and a quick return to sporting activity. Physiotherapy consists of soft tissue massage techniques, joint mobilisation electrotherapy, taping techniques and exercise prescription.

Benefits of treatment include:
-Reduced pain
-Improved muscle length
-Quicker return to sporting function
-Reduced risk of injury re-occurrence.

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