Clicking hip

Clicking hip syndrome, also known as snapping hip syndrome, is a condition found in 15-40 year old people who are aware of a click/snap around their hip/outside of the thigh region when walking, standing up or swinging their leg. Whilst clicking around joints is a normal occurrence, some people develop pain with this after repetitive loading or one off injury. If painful, there are different approaches to treatment as it could be due to an internal hip joint problem such as a tear in the cartilage or a loose bony fragment. If outside of the joint, it may be due to mechanics of the muscles and tendons around the hip joint.

What you can do:

Rest, time and the use of analgesics may help if an acute problem, however seeking an opinion if the pain and clicking continues is advised.

How we can help:   

The condition can resolve spontaneously, however in some cases physiotherapy treatment is required to rectify the problem. Physiotherapy is aimed at restoring normal mechanics of the musculoskeletal structures through the use of soft tissue massage techniques, taping techniques and exercise prescription-stretching, strengthening and motor control exercises.     

Benefits of physiotherapy treatment include:
-Less pain
-Less clicking
-Able to fully participate in sport/everyday activities

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