MTSS/Shin Splints

Shin splints or medial tibial stress syndrome is a condition that is seen in runners, or any other sport that involves regular running/continued loading on firm surfaces. The intense pain is normally located on the inside of the shin bone which can increase with activity and/or after it. It can involve just one shin, but can also be seen in both. The insides of the shins are normally tender to touch, with no bruising seen.  The occurrence of shin splints, can stem from footwear, foot biomechanics, lower limb conditioning or a sudden increase in activity levels. Whilst most can continue with sporting activity with this problem, the pain associated with this can be distracting to sporting performance and lead to longer periods of pain post exercise.  If pain continues to persist despite the cessation of training and continues with weight bearing, further investigations should take place to rule out bony injury.

What you can do:

The use of ice and analgesics can assist with the pain management of this problem, with corrective exercise aimed at the calf muscles also advantageous.

How we can help:

Getting the right treatment can improve symptoms very quickly, with treatment normally consisting of soft tissue Massage joint mobilisation taping techniques, foot orthotics, acupuncture trigger point release and exercise prescription.

Benefits of treatment include:
-Reduce pain
-Able to participate in sport with less discomfort.
-Reduce the risk of the problem re-occurring

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