Does my health insurance cover physio?

Does my health insurance cover physio?

It is only when in a time of need, we start to think more about our private health insurance policies and what is covered. For most, physiotherapy is an essential part of health care that needs to be included in any decent healthcare policy and for most it is.

If this is the first time you have thought about getting physiotherapy through your policy, it is a straight forward simple process. First port of call is to speak to your insurance company to double check you are covered and the processes they have in place. Some may request you to see your GP or have a telephone consultation with a medical professional before proceeding with treatment. Once you are happy with the insurance companies’ procedure, it is worth clarifying if you have an excess to pay to access treatment and who the excess is payable to. Some insurance companies will take the excess directly, some get the physio clinic to take the set amount. Another point to note and to ask your insurance company is that most physiotherapy clinics will ask/need from you is either a policy number or authorisation code. This code helps the clinics identify you on their systems and billing to the insurance company.

Once you have all this detail just give the physio clinics a call, and our helpful administrative staff at the Chelmsford or Southend clinics will be there to assist you in booking an physiotherapy appointment to suit you needs. The clinics are open Monday to Saturday-morning to late evening.

Our Chelmsford and Southend clinics are covered by all the major health insurance companies and a full list can be found on our website. If in doubt just ask our staff on calling the clinics.

For those who do not have health insurance, we accept self referring and funding patients as well.

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