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What is the difference between a physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor ? August 26, 2017

What is the difference between a physio, osteopath and chiropractor ?

Physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors are health care clinicians that work and treat in similar ways, no wonder leading to confusion of who is the best person to see and for what problem. Typically osteopaths and chiropractors are normally associated with working with back pain, whilst this may be correct for chiropractors, osteopaths do treat other areas of the body. The techniques used by these different professions to Physiotherapy are normally manual based with treatment methods of joint mobilisations/manipulations used to assist with pain and function. However, physiotherapy does incorporate these techniques as well and in our bias opinion; will attempt to look at the problem from a holistic view by addressing over issues around the problem i.e the strength or mobility in the muscles around the problem area as well as the joint. Is it seen in our Chelmsford or Southend clinics in Essex, that by addressing the whole problem the injury is less likely to return and enable a full a successful outcome. Apart from the hands on therapy our experienced physiotherapist provided, exercise is a key component to most peoples if not everyone’s recovery. Based on your assessment and progress, our physiotherapists will give you a tailored exercise programme. The programmes can be home based using simple equipment like a resistance band or gym ball or can be gym based for those who like to visit gym’s.

Physiotherapists undertake extensive university and hospital based training and is recognised by the health professions council who regulate other health care professionals such as paramedics. By being a regulated profession physiotherapists have to maintain and develop their knowledge and skills. This keeps the profession up to date and attempts to maintain a standard across the board.

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