Can physio help with my knee pain?

Can physio help with my knee pain?
Knee pain in any form is a common problem in our Chelmsford and Southend clinics. The type of knee pain each patient is experiencing is different from case to case but the following are the usual suspects:
1. Cartilage/meniscus tears- these are the same structure, but the term meniscus may be used by your healthcare professional. Pain is normally located on the joint line of the knee. There maybe associated swelling with the knee when torn acutely.
2. Ligament sprain/tear- the infamous cruciates are located internally within the knee and the collateral ligaments running on the outside or inside of the knee. Generally ligaments are torn when the shin bone is twisted/angulated away from the normally aligned position. A quick large swelling is normally associated with a cruciate injury, and pain tends to radiate around the whole knee joint. With collateral ligament injury pain is located specifically to which side of the knee is injured i.e inside or outside of the knee.
3. Osteoarthritis-is natural age related changes of the articular cartiliage (cartilage that covers the end of the bones) of the shin, thigh or knee cap bones. Pain is normally felt around the joint line of the knee or knee cap. Sometimes swelling is associated with knee pain.
4. Patella tendinopathy- tendon pain is normally felt in the front of the knee and sometimes feels better when being exercised but can be stiff the next day after exercising, sleeping or inactivity such as being sat driving for a couple of hours.
5. osgood-schlatters- Also a problem involving the patella tendon but seen in the younger population who are going through growth changes. Pain is located below the knee and an associate bump on the shin bone may be seen.
All these problems can be assessed by our expert physiotherapist in our Chelmsford and Southend clinics.

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