Pre-Season Niggles

Pre season niggles
The football preseason is in full swing for most and competitive action is only around the corner. However, for some this may be a frustrating period after hopes of a fresh season, a fresh start and injury niggles can really limit the full potential of a successful season. So what are the best ways to avoid these preseason niggles?
The first major point is if you have more than a niggle, i.e this injury has stopped you playing a game then get a physio to assess your injury ASAP! The quicker your problem is assessed, the quicker you can get a diagnosis and on the right track to speedy recovery ! If the stiffness, tightness, limitation of function is something you can play with then here are a few ideas that might work for you !
Pre training/match prehab, or conditioning as known to some needs to be holisitc and cover all bases to reduce your risk to injury. Unless you have a known trouble area then you might want to target this greater in your routine. I.e if you have had recurrent hamstring problems; activation, neural and dynamic mobility exercises may need to be a regular must do alongside the rest of your routine. Examples of exercises performed to reduced injuries and severity of injuries can be viewed on the FIFA +11 poster below. This consist of running, strengthening, lengthening and proprioceptive exercises. All these physical components of exercise/fitness and are a great foundation for most to start from. As with most things
consistency in performing these exercises is the key in getting the most of this routine.
To build a specific routine for your niggles or injuries call either of our Chelmsford or Southend phone numbers or email address for further details.

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