Andy Murray Hip Injury?

Andy Murray Hip Injury

Another year gone by, with a close to the final exit by the British tennis stars. However, this year it looked like injury was limiting our main men’s championship hopeful. Media reports suggest Andy Murray was struggling with a hip complaint, with the British tennis player commenting that it is was just wear and tear. Speculating through the reports with the media and considering the type of hip injuries seen within tennis, it is likely that Andy could have a femoral acetabular impingement (FAI). This is a type of a bone/joint issue seen across sporting athletes, where there is impingement of the thigh bone or the hip socket on each other. Pain can be reported in the groin, outer side of the hip or on in the buttock. Athletes can play with this issue, however when pain starts to limit their performance that is a good indicator that a period of intensive physio or other interventions like injections need to take place. Physiotherapy normally consists of manual therapy, soft tissue massage and exercise aimed strengthening the hip abductor/adductors.


Although it was not just Andy Murray who was the only tennis star struggling with injury. 7 games were finished one one day due to injury with a mix of shoulder, back and knee complaints. In a tough era where the competition is high, this increase in intensity mixed with the players physically pushing the game forward appears to be taking its toll on the athletes bodies.

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