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How to treat a sprained ankle Part 2 June 30, 2017

Once the initial acute phase has been completed you will need to work on the middle and then later stages of rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation typically targets the following key areas.

Range of Movement

This will include exercises that aim to regain the range of movement such as the one on this link which aims to aims to reduce muscle tension in the calf allowing greater ankle movement.


The muscles around the ankle become less active after injury and need to be trained to work again. This can be done using a variety of exercises using band and rehab equipment.



Pain after injury is common. Sometimes this is a sign that things are not as they should be which may require further investigation. Often though some pain is a normal part of the rehabilitation process which will lessen over time.



This is a key aspect of rehab and must be undertaken after ankle injury. The link below is an example exercise.

Balance uses the visual system, the vestibular system and the proprioceptive system


Gait Pattern (walking)

Correcting your walking pattern after injury is vital.Your physiotherapist will spend time working on this area. Typically they will describe three phases of gait, these include


Heel Strike

Stance Phase

Toe Off


Once you have cracked these areas you will then be well on your way to making a full recovery and hopefully returning to your sport or hobby. The above exercises should only be undertaken as part of a rehab program prescribed by your physiotherapist.

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