What is the difference between a physiotherapist, osteopath and chiropractor ?

What is the difference between a physio, osteopath and chiropractor ? Physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors are health care clinicians that work and treat in similar ways, no wonder leading to confusion of who is the best person to see and for what problem. Typically osteopaths and chiropractors are normally associated with working with back pain, […]

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GB Basketball

Paul Fisher is on tour with the GB Basketball Senior Mens team ahead of the European Championships in Istanbul, Turkey. The team started their summer in Manchester with a strength and conditioning camp and some testing. The team then travelled to Greece and Israel for warm up games before then heading London. The team took […]

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Best Exercises for Patella Tendonitis/Tendinopathy

Best Exercises for Patella tendonitis

A common condition seen in on Chelmsford and Southend clinics is patella tendinitis or know more commonly known as the patella tendinopathy. The change from tendonintis to tendinopathy was a conscious change as it is now believed that there is a limited inflammatory effect causing the pain in the tendon but a change in the biology of the tendon. By understanding this change in thinking this helps to identify what are the best exercise for patella tendinopathy. Original research reported benefit from exercise which was based on single leg squats based on a decline board. Whilst this was effective for many, research suggest an array of patella tendon loaded exercises may be of more benefit. These exercises are eccentric based which means the muscle are lengthening and contracting at the same time which has greater effect on the tendon/muscle and are performed slowly i.e 4 seconds per rep (2 seconds up/2 seconds down). These programmes do take time to make changes! Just like any other gym programme I.e. you would expect a 6 pack after doing 1 weeks worth of trunk exercises !! So you have to be committed, but should see some benefit in the short term and hopefully greatly improved by the 8-12 week mark. The only other big thing to note is the exercise needs to be heavy! However it is advised that you should start within comfort and be supervised by your physiotherapist to make sure the weight/load is right for you ! For further detail on patella tendinopathy visit out webpage


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